Improve Your Health Smartphone Give-Away

The Prize

The value of the prize is $169

  • the LG Optimus Logic Smartphone ($60 value)
  • A headset and headset clip, so that you have everything you need to implement these brand new strategies for improving your health and life ($10 value)
  • A 1h coaching session with me to help you overcome any roadblocks you may experience when you start using the smartphone to improve your health and life ($100 value)

Who can enter?

Nearly anyone can enter. For legal reasons, however, you cannot participate if you’re a Canadian citizen or under 18 years old.

How to enter:

To enter, simply

sign up to the ME/CFS Recovery Project Newsletter by entering your email address below or

click “like” on the CFS Recovery Project Facebook page.

Enter the Give-Away ($169 value)

Just enter your contact information below:

We respect your email privacy


The give-away begins on 8/27/2013 and will end on 9/23/2013. The winner will be notified by 9/30/2013.

How Winner is Chosen

All people who either like the CFS Recovery Project Facebook page or sign up for the CFS Recovery Project Newsletter during the above specified time period will enter the give-away. Using a random number generator, I will draw a number. Let’s say the number the generator spits out is 19, then 19th person who entered the competition will win the smartphone.

Technical Issues

Since we all know there could be technical problems, a couple of words about how I will handle them. If my website goes down during anytime of the give-away, you will have to wait until it’s back up to enter the give-away. It’s OK to like the Facebook page and sign up to the newsletter; this will double your chance to win the phone. If, however, anyone will try to game the system by creating more entries than those two, that person will be disqualified to keep the give-away fair. If you were already receiving the CFS Recovery Tips newsletter before this give-away started, you can enter by emailing me through my contact form or by liking the Facebook page.

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  1. Linda Bright says:

    This sounds exactly what I need. Had FM22 years, and ME 5 years and ADHD all my life 68 years. Boy, do I need help. I am an RN and teach self management skills to VA patients with FM ME CFS GWS. I WILL be addressing this in clinic next week in GWS clinic here in Charleston, SC

    Lindsey Bright APRN

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