Novermber, 2022 Update:

The CFS Recovery Project was started by me, Johannes, when I first worked on getting my life back from ME/CFS. It worked pretty well back then, and I was quite happy (and still young) for a while.

Now in 2022, it’s ten years later. I have two wonderful daughters, a successful wife, and a comfortable home in a sunny California city.

However, over the years I let go or forgot much of what brought me wellness back then. Writing this, I’m in a dip and I don’t feel good.

There are more moments than I like in the year when I think about how sweet it would be to someday go to Switzerland and, surrounded and supported by my loved ones, feel the sweet relief of leaving my earthly body behind.

Thankfully, I know that I have gotten my life back once before.

For the sweet love of my children, it’s time for another CFS Recovery Project!

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