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Johannes, Thank you for asking me about my experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . I’ve never told my story about dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to someone who’s listening from a place of curiosity, honoring and love. I learned some new things about that journey — especially when you acknowledged me about that long recovery process. I had always seen myself as weak, broken, and an awful mother and partner because I was just so tired and wired all the time. You saw courage, strength, commitment. I look back now with tenderness and respect instead of harshness. Goodness, I’m in tears again writing this. So, I want the world to know that who you are is wise, passionate, committed, spacious, bold, and tender and what you offer as a coach for recovery is so very important. Thank you for doing this work!

Nancy Montier, Oakland, CA

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Cort Johnson

Johannes’ coaching has helped me to increase my energy levels and feelings of well-being. I’m glad to have the opportunity to incorporate his techniques into my own ‘CFS Recovery Project’.

Cort Johnson, noted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reporter

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Renee Sojcher, MS CHWC

Johannes has a very calm and focused coaching style. He is very insightful, and can easily get to the heart of the matter. Johannes asked powerful questions that enabled me to move forward and get out of situations where I was feeling “stuck”. Specifically, by just asking me to consider what I’m saying “yes” to and what I’m saying “no” to, Johannes enabled me to make some critical decisions about how to juggle my responsibilities. I learned to look at situations from various different perspectives, which enabled me to move through them and to move forward. Johannes helped me overcome my fears in areas where I was feeling overwhelm. Johannes’s calm presence is a plus to any client that is lucky enough to work with him!

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In working with Johannes and having him coach me thru a “block” I had for a number of months, I felt that the trepidation I had about coaching has been totally removed.  In these economic times, hiring a coach can seem like an unnecessary expense.  However, Johannes’ skill in moving me thru my conflict was definitely worth the money.

Johannes has a gentle way of coaching but brings a depth and strength to his technique that I have not found with any other coaches I have worked with.  I would definitely recommend him to any of my personal or business acquaintances.  He brings a unique background to his coaching on both a business and life level that made me very comfortable with working with him.  He promotes you while holding you accountable for your own life.

Dani C.,  Novato, CA

Speaking Engagements

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Sylnovie Merchant, PH.D.

When I first met Johannes I was struck by how young he looked, but when he started speaking it soon became obvious that he was very knowledgeable and experienced. He quickly connected with the audience. I particularly appreciated how he made everyone in the room feel comfortable. As a result of his speaking the audience left feeling confident and in control of their day to day activities. I would definitely recommend him to others and would have him speak at other events for us.

Sylnovie (Novie) Merchant, Ph.D.
Chair of Graduate Business at Argosy University, San Franciso Bay Area


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