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— Kind regards, Johannes

You want the life you knew back so much, but you are not even sure if it’s possible—let alone how exactly to go about it. You want to get better, but you don’t want to waste your money on empty promises and approaches that don’t work.

It’s a very difficult place you’re in; I get it, because I’ve been there.

And now I’m 90% recovered and have my life back, and it’s better than it was before.

Let me help you to get your life back, too. Not in a big-promises, give-me-all-your-money-and-I’ll-help-you-get-better way. No, I will help you in a way that’s risk free and completely safe for you.

We’ll talk about how to make it safe for you a bit further down the page. First let’s have a look at whether working together is right for you.

How will working with me help you get better?

Each person is unique, and therefore each path to wellness is unique. How we approach your healing will depend on your unique situation. Before committing to work together, we’ll meet for a free-of-charge conversation. I will listen to your circumstances and then share with you the elements of how I think I can help you.

To give you a general idea of how you might be able to benefit from coaching, let me share with you a list of situations that my clients and I have successfully overcome through coaching.

  1. You want to accelerate you progress by getting advice tailored specific to your situation.
    show example
    Life with and recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia is made up off seemingly a million large and small challenges, such as,

    • How will I fall asleep more easily?
    • How do I leave my house without intensifying my symptoms?
    • How do I deal with my friends making uninformed and sometimes hurtful comments about my condition?

    Your ideal coach has enough experience, so that he or she knows how to best deal with your specific challenge! You’ll find out in our free initial conversation if I my approach works for your challenges.

    While articles may give you some general ideas for overcoming the situation, a coach that knows you intimately can give more specific advice, and troubleshoot if the first solution you try doesn’t work out.

  2. You could benefit from additional accountability and focus. show example
    Mike has a tendency to put way more on his plate than he can handle. The problem is that the stress that results from this habit increases his ME/CFS symptoms and hurts his professional success.

    I suggested to him the same solution that helped and continues to help me with the exact same challenge: Check in with a coach on a weekly basis who keeps you on track.

    During our weekly check-ins, I helped him to plan his week realistically, and provided him with accountability which helped him to stick to his plans.

    “The feeling of spaciousness, being and control, and getting my work done is very uplifting,” Mike shared with me a few weeks into our coaching relationship.

  3. You want to identify and let go of deeply seated beliefs that might be hurting your progress toward health and happiness. show example
    Some deep-seated beliefs are just too scary for us to deal with on our own—let alone change them.

    How do you change a belief that’s holding you back from your optimum recovery with my help? Let me give you a personal example:

    Before I could change my belief, I first had to be made aware of its existence, as I was blind to it. First, my coach helped me to muster the courage to look at the belief and explore whether it was harming me. Second, I learned how to let go of it.

    Here are some examples of detrimental beliefs I had held at some point on my recovery journey. Can you see how they’re kinda’ scary?

    • I’m not good enough. What a depressing belief to carry around—yet I did for years.
    • My life doesn’t have a purpose. My motivation skyrocketed when I was able to let go of this one.
    • The world is a bad place. Another depressing one—thank god I was able to let go of it.
    • The only way to make a positive difference in the world is to work for an engineering company. If I had not let go of this one, I could not have regained my health and happiness, because the intensive mathematical thinking I did when I studied engineering made me sick.
    • There is too much to do in a day.
      Letting go of this one required and continues to require a daily practice.
    • I will never succeed. I’m surprised that I could even recover with such a belief clinging to me. Letting go of this one also requires a daily practice, as it comes up whenever we are up to something big—like regaining our health and happiness .
  4. You are too ill to benefit from a book or a class. show example
    When Joanne began working with me, she was so severely affected with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that she only had two thirty-minute periods in her day when she had enough energy to speak with me on the phone. Since she decided to work with me one-to-one, I was able to meet with her right at the times when she was well enough to receive coaching.

    Now, two months after her starting to work with me one-to-one, she has increased energy and and is no longer bed-bound. I’m incredibly glad she decided to get the support she needed by working with me one-to-one.

  5. You want the privacy of a one-to-one setting. show example
    Whether you fear the impact of your health issues on your career, or are unsure how to discuss the issues with your spouse, family or friends; the confidentiality of the coaching relationship allows a safe haven to discuss and work out the issues related to chronic illness.Don’t make your recovery journey harder than it has to be by ignoring your need for safety and privacy.
  6. You might just learn best through one-to-one mentoring. show example
    Kim, one of my clients, is equipped with a remarkably vocal inner critic. When she tried to learn the Amygdala Retraining technique on her own, she got so down on herself that instead of reducing her anxiety and negative thoughts, the practice worsened it.

    At the same time, Kim is also an extraordinarily wise person and, knowing her tendency to get down on herself, asked me to teach her the technique in a one-to-one setting where I could make her aware of and help her stop when she gets too harsh with herself.

    Kim has made huge progress through working one-to-one with me and is nearly fully recovered.

What others think about coaching with me

Picture of Cort Johnson

Cort Johnson

Johannes’ coaching has helped me to increase my energy levels and feelings of well-being. I’m glad to have the opportunity to incorporate his techniques into my own ‘CFS Recovery Project’.

Cort Johnson, noted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reporter

Johannes is a fantastic coach and mentor. He is empathetic yet motivating, all while providing you with many different tools to help you with your journey.

I felt so inspired and motivated after speaking with him and found his advice highly useful.

I highly recommend his expertise in helping you find the best tools for your path to health!

~ Laura

The details of the coaching program

My passion is to help you bring your mind and body into a healing state, so that you reach optimum health and happiness. It’s likely that you cannot even imagine, let alone believe, how much health and happiness is possible for you.

Let me share with you what exactly my coaching support would look like:

Three to four times a month, depending on your needs, we will meet for up to an hour to

  • look at your health situation,
  • identify the mind-body techniques and coping techniques that will serve you best,
  • allow you the opportunity to experience healing through guided guided imagery and other techniques I’ll practice with you during our one-to-one calls.

On a daily basis in-between sessions, you’ll have the option to join a morning and afternoon “healing hour” where I meet with you and a group of other committed recoverers online  to practice the techniques you learn from me. Joining this online “healing hour” is optional.

Also, I’ll be available for answering quick questions via email during the week and for up to one emergency call per week in case you are faced with a challenge and don’t know what technique to use to successfully overcome it.

In essence, I am as committed to your healing as I have been to my own.

One-to-one coaching, including the ongoing support to create a consistent path to healing, is $250 per month for three weekly sessions or $330 per month for four weekly sessions.

Wise investment guarantee

If, at the end of our first month together, you’ve attended all scheduled coaching sessions and practiced the techniques you agreed to during our calls, and you’re not completely satisfied, then I will give you a 100% refund.


Because you’re making an investment in yourself and your health and I want you to know how committed I am to your success. I want you to feel solid and confident that you’re investing your energy, money—and hope wisely.

Claim your free consultation now

Please note that I am currently unavailable for these sessions, as I am taking a sabbatical from my health coaching work. To be notified upon my return, please subscribe to my newsletter here.

— Kind regards, Johannes

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