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Please note that I am currently unavailable for these sessions, as I am taking a sabbatical from my health coaching work. To be notified upon my return, please subscribe to my newsletter here.

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Healing Journey Starter Sessions are the best way to get your personal questions answered about how the CFS Recovery Project approach can help you regain your health and happiness. The 30-minute session is a unique opportunity to

Get clarity on what you need to do to get better.

Get clarity on what you need to do to get better.

  • Take stock of your current situation and look at what steps you can take next on your path toward health and happiness.
  • Explore barriers that are stopping you from reaching your next level of recovery.
  • Identify the most powerful action you can take immediately to improve your situation.

There is no pressure to sign up for any of our services.

How to schedule your free session

To sign up using my online scheduling system, click here: click here.

To sign up via email or phone, click here or call me at (650) 204-1567 and include in your message a couple of times you’re available and a phone number I can reach you at.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you move forward.
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Read what Nancy had to say about our session:

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Johannes, Thank you for asking me about my experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . I’ve never told my story about dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to someone who’s listening from a place of curiosity, honoring and love. I learned some new things about that journey — especially when you acknowledged me about that long recovery process. I had always seen myself as weak, broken, and an awful mother and partner because I was just so tired and wired all the time. You saw courage, strength, commitment. I look back now with tenderness and respect instead of harshness. Goodness, I’m in tears again writing this. So, I want the world to know that who you are is wise, passionate, committed, spacious, bold, and tender and what you offer as a coach for recovery is so very important.

Nancy Montier, Oakland, CA

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